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Description of the MASSFLOW gas flow controller

The MASSFLOW is a new mass flow controller system especially designed for use with Lambda laboratory bioreactors and fermenters. For example, it allows control of the pH of a cell culture by the controlled addition of gaseous CO2, the control of dissolved oxygen, by regulation of the airflow or any other gas with a suitable controller. However, it can also be used independently, since all functions can be controlled from the front panel of the MASSFLOW.

The gas flow rate is measured by high quality laminar mass flow sensor tubes and is displayed on a digital display. The mass flow cell has a very low pressure drop (less than 1 cm of H2O) and a linearity error of less than 3 % reading (which is much better than the precision expressed as a percentage of full scale used by some manufacturers). The repeatability is better than 0.5 % per reading. The gas flow rate is regulated by a specially developed proportional needle valve controlled by a microprocessor.

The MASSFLOW gas flow controller can be operated manually with the buttons on the front panel or using remote control. The analogical remote control includes ON/OFF and 0 to 10 V full-scale control of the flow rate. A fully digital control uses RS485 connection.


Up to 50 pairs of flow rates and times can be programmed. This allows the flow to be switched on and off or the setting of any flow rate for a desired time interval.

Gas volume totaliser

The MASSFLOW gas flow controller generates impulsions after every 5 ml of gas flow. These impulsions can be totaled by a Flow Integrator ( 4803), measured as a voltage, recorded on a recorder or on a PC (fermentation program FNet). In this way exact volume information can be obtained.

Zero setting

The MASSFLOW gas flow cotroller is equipped with an automatic zero setting which further improves the precision of the gas flow rate reading.


Gas Flow rates:
0-5.0 l/min
3 % reading or one digit
0.5 % reading or one digit
Operating ambience:
0 to 40 °C
Maximum system pressure:
0.2 MPa
Dimensions (not including fitting):
105 x 80 x 170 mm
800 g
8 pole cable with two DIN connectors
Power supply:
primary 100-240 V / 50-60Hz
secondary +12 V / 6 W

Accessories and spare parts

Catalogue No.
Laboratory fermentation and cell-culture kits
800010-03 Minifor advanced kit 0.3l jacketed vessel min. vol. 35ml
(contains all what is necessary for common fermentations)
800010-03R Minifor start-up kit 0.3l jacketed vessel min. vol. 35ml
(without pumps and pO2-electrode)
800010-04 Minifor advanced kit 0.4l
(contains all what is necessary for common fermentations)
800010-04R Minifor start-up kit 0.4l
(without pumps and pO2-electrode)
800010-1 Minifor advanced kit 1l
(contains all what is necessary for common fermentations)
800010-1R Minifor start-up kit 1l
(without pumps and pO2-electrode)
800010-3 Minifor advanced kit 3l
(contains all what is necessary for common fermentations)
800010-3R Minifor start-up kit 3l
(without pumps and pO2-electrode)
800010-7 Minifor advanced kit 7l
(contains all what is necessary for common fermentations)
800010-7R Minifor start-up kit 7l
(without pumps and pO2-electrode)
800011 Additional pump line for controlled addition of acid or base (pH-control)
(PRECIFLOW pump, reagent bottle with pipes, fittings and filter, magnetic bottle holder, tubing)
800011-h Additional pump line e.g. for harvest (PRECIFLOW, reagent bottle with pipes, fittings, filter, tubing)
800011-f Additional pump line e.g. for feed (MULTIFLOW, reagent bottle with pipes, fittings, filter, tubing)
800012 Additional regulated gas flow (LAMBDA MASSFLOW 0-5l/min) for pH control in cell cultures
800013 Additional regulated gas flow (LAMBDA MASSFLOW 0-500ml/min) for pH control in cell cultures
800019 Basic control unit (one unit is included in all kits)
(with electronics, display and internal software for measurement and control of 6 parameters, vibromixer and IR heater)
800N03-J Fermentation vessel total volume 0.3l (jacketed); minimum working volume 35ml
800N04-L Fermentation vessel total volume 0.4l low (8 side arms)
800N1 Fermentation vessel total volume 1l (8 side arms)
800N3 Fermentation vessel total volume 3l (8 side arms)
800N7 Fermentation vessel total volume 7l (8 side arms)
800055 Open screw cap small SVL 22
800056 Open screw cap small SVL 30
800020-S Silicone stopper for small unused ports
800020-L Silicone stopper for large unused ports
800021 Silicone open stopper (diam. 12 mm)
800022 Silicone open stopper (diam. 12.8 mm), green, for DO probe
80023-S Stainless steel washer small
80023-L Stainless steel washer large
80025 Large silicone sterility membrane
80025-e Large silicone sterility membrane (new form)
800031-03 Sparger pipe for 0.03l vessel
800031-04 Sparger pipe for 0.4l vessel
800031-1 Sparger pipe for 1l vessel
800031-3 Sparger pipe for 3l vessel
800031-7 Sparger pipe for 7l vessel
800039 Air distributor (new self-cleaning microsparger)
80040 Fixing screw for air distributor
800033-03 Stirring disc for 0.3l reactor
800033 Stirring discs for 0.4, 1, 3 and 7l reactors
800033-03-f "Fish-tail" soft stirring disc for 0.3l reactor
800033-f "Fish-tail" soft stirring disc for 0.4, 1, 3 and 7l reactor
800049 Vessel supporting stand for 1l, 3l and 7l reactors
800051 Quadruple sampling port with Luer-Lock fittings
800108 Device for sterile sampling (support, glass sampling device, syringe, filter, 3 clamps and tubing)
800114 Septum adapter for sampling port
Air output condenser and medium cooling
800101 Glass condenser for air output
800083 Air output condenser based on Peltier cell
800087 Cooling finger based on Peltier cell
800088 Cooling loop
800089 Over-pressure (1 atm) security valve PEEK
Fermentor head
800014 Vibromixer with cable and fittings
800014-e High-performance motor and strirring head with cable and fittings
800027 Large central screw cap for head fixing
800030 Air input tubing holder (PEEK)
800028 Head
800052 Mobile cock PEEK
800052-e Mobile cock PEEK for magnetic coupling
800054-1 Combined pH and temp. probe 12 cm with Variopin connector (Mettler Toledo)
800054-2 Combined pH and temp. probe 15 cm with Variopin connector (Mettler Toledo)
800054-3 Combined pH and temp. probe 22 cm with Variopin connector (Mettler Toledo)
800090 DO probe fast response with reinforced PTFE membrane
800091 Membrane module
800096 DO sensor cable
800097 DO probe solution
800095 Parameter X cable
Cell culturing
800034 "Fish-tail" stirring disc (for gentle mixing in cell cultures)
800400 Cell adaptor for the stirring and aeration of very sensitive cells
8071 MASSFLOW 5000 (one gas station 0-5 l/min regulation and mass flow measurement)
80702 MASSFLOW 500 (one gas station 0-500 ml/min regulation and mass flow measurement)
Continuous cultures
800800 Weighing module to keep the culture weight constant (connected to channel "X" of the MINIFOR)
Air supply
8090 AeroSilento air compressor and vacuum pump
8091 Peltier cooling trap for AeroSilento air compressor
Peristaltic pumps (with proportional speed control)
4801 PRECIFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-600 ml/hr, not programmable
4901 MULTIFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-600 ml/hr, programmable
5001 HiFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-3000 ml/hr, programmable
6001 MAXIFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-10000 ml/hr, programmable
4810 Pump remote control (analog and digital) cable (8 poles)
6600 PNet control software for peristaltic and syringe pumps, DOSER or MASSFLOW
800202 Quadruple plug box (Power and RS-connection for up to 4 LAMBDA laboratory instruments)
Syringe antifoam addition system
800501 ANTIFO Antifoam detection system (no special probes required)
800502 DOZITO Miniature syringe pump for 5 ml antifoam agent
PC control
800601 FNet fermenter control software for PC control of up to 6 fermentors, 12 integrators and 6 pumps
800602 PC control cable with RS 485 to RS 232 converter and key (dongle)
800603 SIAM industrial fermentation software
800604 Modern quality brand laptop with Windows operation system
Various spare parts
800098-125 Reagent bottle 125 ml with pipes and Luer-Lock
800098-250 Reagent bottle 250 ml with pipes and Luer-Lock fitting
800098-1000 Reagent bottle 1 l with pipes and Luer-Lock fitting
800098-2000 Reagent bottle 2 l with pipes and Luer-Lock fitting
800098-5000 Reagent bottle 5 l with pipes and Luer-Lock fitting
800078 Magnetic bottle holder for 125 ml bottle
800079 Magnetic bottle holder for 250 ml bottle
800100 Silicone tubing 3/5 mm, 10m
800099-L Input or output filter for air, 50 mm, 0.2µm pore size
800099-S Input or output filter for air, 25 mm, 0.2µm pore size
800103 Adapter closed end and Luer-Lock (stainless steel)
800104 Adapter hose end and Luer-Lock (stainless steel)
800105 Adapter closed end and Luer-Lock
800106 Adapter hose end and Luer-Lock
800107 Male hose adaptor for LAMBDA double-seal (PEEK)
800102-a Alarm connector
800102-g Grounding cable
800109 Spare needle diam. 3 mm x 250 mm
800110 Spare needle diam. 3 mm x 150 mm
800111 Spare needle diam. 3 mm x 50 mm
800113 Stainless steel tubing clamp
800115 Double-seal conical insert for tubing
800116 Tubular septa (12x)
800117 Septum protection cap
800118 Sealing insert for septum protection cap (10x)
800119-A Solution A for liquid O-ring (40 ml)
800119-B Solution B for liquid O-ring (40 ml)
800119-C Aerosil 380 fume-like pure SiO2 for liquid O-ring (10 g)
800114-B Septum adapter body
800114-O Silicone o-ring for septum adapter body
800120 Substrate holding basket (stainless steel)
800041 Air distributor replacement disc (self cleaning microsparger)
800201 Mains cable
800037-03 Adjustable lateral reactor holder 0.3 l reactor (2 pieces)
800037-04 Adjustable lateral reactor holder 0.4 l reactor
800037-1 Adjustable lateral reactor holder 1 l reactor
800037-3 Adjustable lateral reactor holder 3 l reactor
800037-7 Adjustable lateral reactor holder 7 l reactor (2 pieces)
800047 Support rod
800048 Adjustable support plate for pump
4819-ES RS-232 extension cable (Converter - PC)
4819-EF RS line cable with extension plug for an additional fermenter
4819-0.1/0.3 Sensitivity damping cable by 3 times or 10 times
800510 Magnetic holder for DOZITO miniature syringe pump
800511 Syringe plunger pushing bar
800512 Glass syringe (5 ml)
800513 Syringe suspending string
800514 Syringe plunger blocker for autoclavation
800515 Stroke adjusting key
800516 Syringe-tubing fitting assembly (PEEK)
800517 PTFE tubing 1.8mm x 1m
800084-c Peltier cooling element with control electronics and fan
800084-f Fixing clamp for Peltier cooling element
800084-p Heat-conductive paste for Peltier cooling devices (10 g)
800085 Peltier out-gas condensing finger
800086 Out-gas condenser cylinder for Peltier out-gas condenser with tubing connection
800108-s Support for sterile sampling device
800108-g Sterile sampling device (glass)
800112 Hexagonal key set (1.5, 2.5, 4mm)
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